Patchouli Charcoal Soap

Four Sisters Farm Soap

$ 6.99 $ 9.00

Patchouli Charcoal Soap - 4.5-5 oz. bar

Patchouli lovers you are going to adore this Patchouli Charcoal bar. It possesses that wonderful musky aroma that patchouli gives and all the amazing benefits. Patchouli is often used in skincare products because of it's amazing benefits from anti-aging, to soft skin, to acne and redness issues. Add this with the detoxing benefits of activated charcoal powder and you've got one awesome bar of soap.

Makes an awesome gift.

All of our soaps are made via hot process method in small batches with love and care.
They are completely palm free, we use coconut, olive and grapeseed oils and therapeutic grade essential oils.

Our soap is vegan friendly.

PLEASE NOTE: As our soaps are handmade each batch can turn out looking differently, so each batch will vary slightly from the last. Also note that since we use no sythetics in our soaps they are not scented with fragrance oils, they are scented with therapeutic grade essential oils which is a MUCH lighter scent. If you are expecting a super strong scent you will not find that with our soaps. Those that like a lighter scented bar will enjoy our completely natural soaps. Some essential oils are stronger than others.

To ensure the longevity of your soap bar it is so important to keep it out of your showers stream or puddles of water. A well draining soap dish will make your bar last a long time. We highly recommend our cedar wood soap decks, we keep one at the bathroom sink, kitchen sink and at the side of the tub/shower.

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