Colombia Huila Coffee

Four Sisters Farm Soap

$ 14.99

Our Colombia Huila coffee is very aromatic with flavors of brown sugar, caramel, cherry and orange drops. Freshly roasted, available whole bean or ground. 1 lb. bag

Our family lives in a very quiet community among an old-fashioned group of Mennonites. We have made good friends with these neighbors, as a family we enjoy their farm fresh eggs, milk, fresh produce from their gardens and their Fresh roasted coffee. 

One of our friends is John Yoder and he selects only the best coffee beans from all over, roasts them in a little cabin on his farm and packages them up for his neighbors. As they do not use internet I wanted to help John sell his coffee so we are now offering his amazing Turkey Hollow Coffee. In the drop down menu select your variety and if you want whole bean or ground.

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