Coffee House Soap

Four Sisters Farm Soap

$ 9.00

Coffee House Soap

Imagine walking into your favorite coffee house. You know that feeling of amazing yumminess that drapes all over you when you walk in? That's in this bar! Coffees, lattes, espressos and more. This soap is dye free, vegan and naturally made with olive and coconut oils. I have also stirred in some argan oil for skin benefits. 

Note: This soap does not contain any coffee, we do offer soap bars with coffee but naturally they do not smell strong, this is a great soap for someone wanting that strong coffee house scent. :)

5 oz. Bar.

Natural. Vegan. Gluten Free.

*Photo Credit, goes to Chelsea Kirk, you can find her on Instagram @kirsea_designs

Four Sisters Farm Soap Co. is a little farm nestled against the woods, down a lonely dirt road. Where imagination dwells, fun inspires and life is always happening.

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