Cinnamon Vanilla Soy Candle

Four Sisters Farm Soap

$ 7.99 $ 8.99

Cinna-Vanilla Scent Soy Candle

4 oz. Mason Jar

I don't think there could be anymore of a comforting scent for the fall and winter season as Cinnamon & Vanilla together. Perfect for the kitchen, living room, or bath soak.

About Cousins Candle Co.

Cousins Candle Co. started by two of the Four Sisters (teenagers) and their cousin Jayden (pre-teen). They wanted to start a hobby/business after school hours and candle making seemed to be the answer. They make these amazing candles (with the supervision of Mama, owner of Four Sisters Farm Soap Co.) as a way to learn entrepreneurship and earn a little cash. Thank you for supporting our small family businesses.

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