About Us

Hello! Welcome to Four Sisters Farm!
My name is Phallin Marie, I am the owner and creator of Four Sisters.
My four daughters were the inspiration for our company name because I couldn't do anything without their help, insight, and creativity.
For years I have kind of had a "thing" for homemade soap....Shhhh! don't tell my husband. ;)

The look.

The feel.

Everything about it.

Finally...finally I got up the nerve to make some for myself. I consider myself a foodie and I think when you mix a foodie with soap making you get what others have told me is some "edible looking soap".
I never began soap-making with the intention of selling it (surprise surprise for my friends who know my entrepreneurial spirit) but when folks saw my homemade soaps they started asking how much and that is really how Four Sisters Farm Soap Co. began.

We're just a simple family, living a simple life, down a dirt road in a house nestled against the woods. That's where you'll find the Mama (me) and the four sisters. I will be introducing new soap lines and the four sisters personalities will actually be the inspiration in the design of these soaps. My Manly Man (aka Crash) is my inspiration for our new Men's line of soap that we like to call "Splittin' Maul", we are excited about the new varieties we will be adding.

I thank my God (the Ultimate Creator) for helping me in my own little soap creations, my mind whirls with many many new ideas, I know without him it would not be possible. And I thank you for purchasing our much loved little batches, without you there would be no Four Sisters Farm Soap Co., so thank you my friend and may your day be a blessed one.