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And then we blinked, and it was fall.....

This quote came to me this past week as I looked out my kitchen window watching turning leaves fall from the oak trees that surround our humble abode.

This season that I have been anticipating so much is already upon me and I fear that it will slip away just as quickly as the October winds for which it rides upon.

How can I just grasp it so that it last a bit longer?

I will savor every leaf.

I will breath in the fury of wind passing my way.

I will admire each blazing fall sunset

I will take many walks and smile as I hear the acorns and leaves crackle under my feet.

I will admire my children as they play in the leaves and not wonder how my life leapt from 3 to 33 but join in childish laughter with them before I blink and it's all just a memory.

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