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Simple Pumpkin Tea

Simple Pumpkin Tea

It's the end of October.

My feet are actually cold (I'm hot natured).

I wonder what has happened to October, but I am excited about November.

I am not tired of pumpkin......yet. :)

Today was certainly one of those days for a cup of cheer. So I came up with this Simple pumpkin tea. Recipe below.

Simple Pumpkin Tea

(Does anyone else see an image of a cat in my cup of tea?) :)


Simple Pumpkin Tea:

1 Bigelow Cinnamon Bark Tea Bag

1 T. pumpkin puree

a pink of cinnamon

2 T. of half and half

1 packet of truvia or sugar or honey (whatever you prefer)

Steep your tea bag in your cup of hot water and simply stir in the remainder ingredients. For fun add a cinnamon stick. My girls like to sip through the cinnamon stick like a straw. :)


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