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Hidden Beauty

Hidden Beauty

Wrapping up another day here at Four Sisters Farm Soap Co. We shipped out several baby shower and wedding soap favors today. Tonight I've got some Latte soap and Lavender soap cooking. I truly appreciate my customers.

While my batches cooked I went for my evening walk I noticed these Black-eyed Susans hiding in the grass. So me to thinking sometimes you just have to look a little deeper to find the beauty in something. Even people........look for the good in others. It will bring out the good in you.

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NEW! Word Series Soaps

NEW! Word Series Soaps

I am so excited about a new series of soaps we are making that feature a special word.

The first one in the series is titled 'Quiet'. This is for times of quiet in your life, when you need peace, calm, and serenity. I have used special essential oils that will actually aid in your quiet time. These included: chamomile, lavender, geranium, vetiver, petitgrain, tagetes and lavandin

I have also added some fresh ground gluten free oats as they are so softening to the skin.

A lovely charm with the dictionary word quiet on it is also an option to purchase with your soap. These are hand-crafted with care from a shop that I have teamed up with to offer these for you. High quality and perfect to add to your favorite chain, bracelet, etc.

Stay tuned as we will be adding three more Word Series soaps and charms in the shop soon!!!

The Quiet soap can be purchased in the Essential oil Soap section on our website or by clicking here-->


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Thankful Giveaway

So glad you found out about your Thanksgiving Giveaway. :)
Is there someone that you are thankful for this year, maybe someone who has sacrificed something for you, or helped you out in some way that you feel you could never repay?
To enter Giveaway simply send an email to: farmgirlclean (at) and tell me who you are thankful for. Have a peek at our Soap Catalog on the left and let us know what bar of soap you think that person would like. :)
Winner will be chosen on November 12th - be sure to check your email as we will write you back to confirm recipients shipping address. They will be shipped 1 bar of soap.
Thanks for entering and may you have a blessed November.
~Phallin Marie
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Simple Pumpkin Tea

Simple Pumpkin Tea

It's the end of October.

My feet are actually cold (I'm hot natured).

I wonder what has happened to October, but I am excited about November.

I am not tired of pumpkin......yet. :)

Today was certainly one of those days for a cup of cheer. So I came up with this Simple pumpkin tea. Recipe below.

Simple Pumpkin Tea

(Does anyone else see an image of a cat in my cup of tea?) :)


Simple Pumpkin Tea:

1 Bigelow Cinnamon Bark Tea Bag

1 T. pumpkin puree

a pink of cinnamon

2 T. of half and half

1 packet of truvia or sugar or honey (whatever you prefer)

Steep your tea bag in your cup of hot water and simply stir in the remainder ingredients. For fun add a cinnamon stick. My girls like to sip through the cinnamon stick like a straw. :)


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And then we blinked, and it was fall.....

This quote came to me this past week as I looked out my kitchen window watching turning leaves fall from the oak trees that surround our humble abode.

This season that I have been anticipating so much is already upon me and I fear that it will slip away just as quickly as the October winds for which it rides upon.

How can I just grasp it so that it last a bit longer?

I will savor every leaf.

I will breath in the fury of wind passing my way.

I will admire each blazing fall sunset

I will take many walks and smile as I hear the acorns and leaves crackle under my feet.

I will admire my children as they play in the leaves and not wonder how my life leapt from 3 to 33 but join in childish laughter with them before I blink and it's all just a memory.

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