Blue Elephant Baby Shower Favors

Four Sisters Farm Soap

$ 56.25

25 Blue Elephant Baby Shower Favors

25 Soap Favors with a sweet little blue elephant stamped on the front of each one. Inside: 1 oz sample of rectangle shaped soap. Price is $2.25 per favor. Favors measure 2.75" x 4". We can do any quantity you need.

If you are hosting a baby shower these are perfect to pass out to all of the guests. So sweet to add to little gift bags too! These would even be cute for birthday party favors and more.

This listing is for 25 homemade soap favors.

We use 100% cotton muslin bags and each one is stamped by hand. The soap inside is a sample of handcrafted soap made with love and care. Our soaps are completely natural using coconut and olive oils. We never use palm oil. Scented with therapeutic grade essential oils.

We have larger quantities available, message me if you need a certain amount not listed. We can also offer the stamped bags without soap, message me for a quote.

PLEASE ORDER 3 WEEKS IN ADVANCE. If you need these sooner we can just do a variety of what we have on hand.

Choose from any of our soap scents in our shop or I can do a variety of soaps. (You can pick up to 3 scents). We have three categories Essential oil soaps, Fragrance oil scented soaps, and natural.

Essential Oil Soaps:

Charcoal Gray (using stress relieving essential oils)
Mint Chocolate Brownie
Cedarwood & Citrus (best-selling men's soap)
Pumpkin Clove
Rosemary Mint
Sunday Slumber
Autumn Spice
True Love-Sonnet 116 (aphrodisiac)
French Pink Elegance (french pink clay & relaxing essential oils)
Lovely Lemon Shea
Phallin's Garden Bar (Lemongrass & Poppyseed)
Winter's Morning (subtle scents of pine, peppermint, eucalyptus, & lavender)
Cinnamon Spice Oatmeal
Carrot - Anne with an "E"
Laurel Bay & Sweet Orange with Shea Butter
Sweet Orange (with exfoliating orange peel)
Lavender Oatmeal
Birch & Peppermint with oatmeal

Natural Soaps: (no essential oil or fragrance oil)

Love you a Latte (coffee & real chocolate)
Espresso Bar (exfoliating)
Pure Chocolate
Unscented Bentonite Clay Soap

Fragrance Oil Soaps (phylate free):

New Baby Scent
Cowboy Leather
Dirt (really smells like dirt)
Exotic Coconut
Southern Peach Tea
Summer Rain
Cranberry Christmas
Midsummer's Night
Fall Scent (pumpkin)

Four Sisters Farm Soap Co. is a little farm nestled against the woods, down a lonely dirt road. Where imagination dwells, fun inspires and life is always happening.

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